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Pre-Marketing A Home For Sale

The purpose of pre-marketing a home for sale is to get the word out about a new listing soon to enter the market.

This increases awareness within the pool of potential buyers for the home, thus creating more competition among buyers and enhancing the opportunities to deliver top dollar to the home seller. Find out more here.

Optimism In The US Housing Market?

Today’s graph analyzes the new home construction pipeline derived from Census Bureau Data.

When most people report on new construction, they fail to understand a fundamental change that the COVID era has delivered.

Find out why today’s special one-page real estate report suggests there is hope for the US housing market in 2023.

What To Ask ChatGPT For Content Marketing

What To Ask ChatGPT For Content Marketing

Down List Here

Home Affordability Chasm Widens

While the whole Twitterverse (and much of YouTube) awaits home prices to crash 50% or so, well-informed real estate investors are playing the long game.

Of all the charts and graphs that I produce and share, the graph in this week’s one-page special housing report is as telling as any.

It shows that there is a long-term trend in home values that no amount of ignorant reporting is going to turn. And what trend is that?

Discover the trend that most real estate reporters are not considering as they advise that home prices will tumble greatly.

Why Aren’t Home Values Crashing?

The best way to assess appreciation in the housing market is to evaluate the change in the median existing home value (price per square foot of the median existing home over time).

The graph in this week’s one-page special housing report plots the median existing home value each year and reveals the impact that the diminished inventory of homes for sale is having on the change in home values.

Find out how high home values have moved and what we’re seeing though just ten days of January in 2023.

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