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Aaron G

My #1 go-to for Tallahassee real estate news and information.

Zen Rebel

I found Joe Manausa on YouTube. He publishes incredibly informative videos about the housing market and Tallahassee in particular. So, when I was ready to buy a home and return to my home state of Florida from Las Vegas, his group was the only one I wanted to work with.


Constantine Isslamow

Monday morning's would not be the same without Joe's newsletter. Always informative and relevant. Wishing you continued success in all that you do.


They have the best web site and real estate information I have ever seen in the industry. They publish more information on the industry and the Tallahassee market than any other Broker I have known. If you want to be educated on the Tallahassee and Florida Real Estate market, this is the site to look at.


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