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Kylene Johnson

I had the best experience with Joe Manausa Real Estate. Kevin was so easy to work with and his customer service was superb. He helped me find the perfect home, which wasn't an easy feat! After I was under contract, Cay provided excellent customer service by answering many questions, ordering inspections or surveys, and making sure I was ready for closing. We even closed early! I would not hesitate to recommend Kevin Milligan and Joe Manausa Real Estate for anyone looking to buy a home.

Chris Cass

Great experience. I always felt that my interests were the primary driver and never felt I was imposing. Since I was relocating, I needed a concentrated effort, and Kevin Milligan could not have been more attentive, devoting several days taking me to many, many listings. More than the time devoted to looking at homes, I valued Kevin's pre screenings, which kept us focused on workable solutions and avoided homes that did not meet our criteria. Definitely recommend.

Cheryl Mcclain

I would definitely tell you to give Eva Armstrong a call! She has went way beyond to help us and put us in contact with other people to help us as well. Will be telling all my friends about what a great Real Estate company Manausa is and how much they will do for you! Eva is a really nice and easy to talk too ,you will be happy with her service!

Shawn Murrell

Our experience with Alex was tremendous. He stuck by our sides even when certain things had nothing to do with him. When me and my husband got discourage he motivated us to stay positive. He made one of our biggest dream come true. Alex is someone that not just pushes you to buy anything, but actually put his self in our shoes. He also not only sold us a home , but acted like he were the buyer. He made us feel like family rather then a client. Thanks to Alex he truly made this company a (5) star business. We in society need more people like him. Don't matter what time it was he would always respond back to us even if he was with his own family. I don't think we could of done this with out Alex. And definetly when we are ready to purchase our second home he will be the first one we call. Alex you are a BLESSING .

Joe West And Debra Bryant-Wetherell

Me and my wife moved to Tallahassee from Miami 2 years ago for job purposes, we finally thought about buying a home in tallahassee,,but being from south had to have a pool and there are not a lot of pool homes on the market..after lots of research we decided to contact Joe Manausa Real Estate...Wow what a great company to deal with, especially agent Stacie Boone....our agent, she was well versed in the areas and the type of homes for sale, and not matter that time of night we had a question, she would always respond promptly .in 1 1/2 weeks she found us the perfect home with a pool and 1/2 acre of land...we are very fortunate to have stacie as our agent and a great team of Joe Manausa Real Estate..we closed 3 weeks ago...thanks Stacie..and the team of Joe Manausa Real Estate.

David Marsey

We had the best experience with Joe Manausa Real Estate. Kevin and Lindsey were outstanding and helped us find the perfect home. After we were under contract, Cay provided excellent service by answering many questions and by making sure we were ready for closing. Communication was superb and we closed on time. I would not hesitate to use Joe Manausa Real Estate for my next home purchase.

Dale Cassidy

Moving from Texas, we first contacted Joe because of his blogs about various matters in the local and Florida real estate market....value vs cost of a swimming pool, for example. They helped us set up electronic alerts when houses meeting our criteria came on the market. When we got to Tallahassee we had narrowed our choices down to 5 homes; saw them all in one day; and had an accepted offer by sunset. Michelle and the entire staff have gone much more than the extra mile, several times, to help us work through the details of an out of state move. Can't say enough excellent things about their commitment to serving us.

Danielle Roth

My wife got in touch with Alex Nunez by calling about a house that he had listed and he found out we did not have a realtor in Tallahassee. We gave Alex a list of criteria that I'm sure was longer than most and he found us a bunch of houses that fit. We looked at about 16-18 houses and Alex was extremely helpful and patient with us. We even went back to a couple of houses multiple times to help us make up our minds. Once we finally decided on one, his analysis of the current market conditions was fantastic and he talked us through the options we had during the negotiation process. Throughout the entire home buying process, Alex was on top of everything and his communication with us was excellent. We never felt uneasy or kept in the dark about anything. He recommended people and companies to use for inspections and appraisals and he even helped us iron out some kinks with our lender. I can honestly say that he went above and beyond in every way, even to the point of making arrangements for our pets during our signing. Alex never made us feel like we were burdening him, although I'm sure we weren't some of his easier clients to please. He certainly made it his priority to make sure we got what we wanted and we were totally happy with the service he provided.

G. U.

Just went through a very patience trying process of purchasing a home, but my agent did a great job taking care of everything and made it as painless as possible for me. Highly recommended.

A. A.

Andrea Chapman did a great job helping us buying an investment house. I would also like thank Joe Manausa whom we have never met. We really appreciate his analysis as the expert helping us determining the offering price.


Professional. Knowledgeable. Committed to excellence and customer service. Sincere. Helpful. Available. And just downright kind. We are delighted to have worked with such a competent, respected group or individuals, particularly Kevin who helped us every step of the way. I can't imagine this process with any other company. Highly recommended!


The entire Manausa orginization has demonstrated exceptional profressionalism during my encounters with them. Transparent and quick responding. I would definitely recommend them to any propsective home buyers!


Michelle was very professional yet personal. She quickly picked up on what my husband and I wanted out of our home and was able to find houses that matched these needs. We looked at many houses prior to making an offer and she was very patient and understanding during the process. Once we made an offer she negotiated and understood the market well ensuring we got a fair price for our home. From the first time we talked to Michelle until we signed the final papers she was always quick to respond and we always felt like we had great communication with her and her office. We would highly recommend Michelle and all of Joe Manausa Real Estate and would happily use them again!

Jonathan S. Hirst

Joe manausa is a great company to use from start to finish. All their employees are actively involved when needed to help with certain areas.

Our agent, Kevin Milligan, was a friggin' rockstar. He was always there when we needed to contact him and he was always actively looking for us. He knew right after our first meeting what we were looking for and was on point from day one. At some point we looked at 3-4 houses a day and Kevin took our no's to houses and moved on to the next one. Funny story, the house we bought was the very first house we looked at (which we were unsure because we loved it but it was the first house we saw). 2 months later it came back on the market after falling through in a deal. Kevin showed us the house again, he had a feeling it was meant to be and guess what? We bought it! Even after we bought it he helped with small things around the house and waited around to help me light the pilot light! From beginning to end, he was there. If you are looking for a hard worker and somebody who will find that forever home, he is your guy.

Rachelle Spinks

We loved working with Stacy from the Manausa team! She was extremely helpful and took time to really understand what we were looking for in a home. Couldn't be happier!

Zackary Hackworth

Knowing absolutely nothing about purchasing a home, I walked in the door of Manausa Real Estate and was promptly introduced to John Bozeman and Kevin Milligan. These guys really know their trade, helping me define my price range and area of interest. They took the time to help me understand the concepts of individual home value/equity over time, and the statistical buying/selling trends and rates for different parts of Tallahassee. Fast forward a few weeks, and I'm sitting pretty (or at least stress-less), waiting to close. Putting in an offer on a home was painless, (with John and Kevin handling the paperwork smoothly, yet still stopping to explain the fine print.) Each step along the way is outlined in advance: from pre-approval to viewings, offers, financing, inspection, appraisal, and closing. Manausa Real Estate's website has an MLS search engine that rivals even the biggest internet names. Don't see your dream house listed yet? Trace the outline of where you want to find a home, and define the amenities you want. Their website will send you daily emails as soon as any new house hits the market that meets your parameters, making sure you stay ahead of any other potential viewers/bidders. Manausa doesn't just want you to find a house, they ultimately strive to make you a more educated consumer. Whether you are a first-time buyer, a family looking to upgrade into something larger, or trying to find that perfect home to retire into, Manausa Real Estate has the tools you need to confidently pursue your goal.


Our agent, Kevin Milligan of Manausa Realty was the consummate professional throughout the home buying process. Months prior to our arrival in Tallahassee, he corresponded with us and kept us abreast of what we could expect on the local market and of the things we needed to do upon arrival. His knowledge of the area combined with his competency with the process made our experience painless. We were able to find our dream home and make an acceptable bid within a couple of days. From that point on, he expedited the process and answered our questions through the closing date. We would recommend the Mauausa Team without reservation.


Right from the start at Joe Manausa realty we knew finding my mother her new home in Tallahassee was going to be great! Soon as we acquired our realtor Kevin Milligan, we felt so confident we were going to learn enough about the area and pick the right location and best neighborhood for my mother. Soon as we met Kevin in the office, we sat in the conference room right in front of a large screen computer with Zillow open and utilizing our budget and our specific area of interest he discussed and gave us enough info about each property and helped us weed out all the houses we didn't even need to waste our time to see. I've never seen this process before in purchasing property, we have purchased a lot. We were so impressive how much he listened and cared about our time and wanted to get us right on the right property for us! Can't say enough about Kevin, but the best realtor we have ever dealt with!

jdub 14

My wife and I selected Michelle as our buyer's agent for our first home purchase in Florida. Michelle was helpful and very patient throughout the entire buying process, which lasted over 7 months. She is very responsive and always willing to show properties (even in the rain). If we buy another property, we will use Michelle again.


We could not be happier with the service provided by Manausa Real Estate. From the first minute we stepped in the door to meet with Michelle Manausa, we felt taken care of and valued. We instantly felt confident she was going to help us find our dream home.

Buying a home can be daunting, but having Michelle with us every step of the way was a great comfort. We knew we were getting an expert in the field who not only understood the market and the process, but who was also able to quickly identify the key priorities we were looking for in a home. She took the time to get to know us and always responded promptly and enthusiastically (even when we would send endless emails!).

We are so grateful for all of Manausa's help and could not be happier with the process and the end result. I highly recommend them to anyone who wants personalized service from professionals who care not just that you find a house, but that you find the perfect house for your family.

Robert J.

Joe and Michelle Manausa were great to deal with on both the sale of our home and purchase of our new home. They were able to sell our house in less than 3 weeks! Best of the best!

Charlene Batcheller

Eva has been a wonderful agent for us. She made our home buying adventure a very easy one! We are super blessed to

have met and worked with Eva and would recommend her to buyers and sellers!


Joe was incredibly helpful during our search for and purchase of a home. He offered great guidance during our search, listening to what our "needs" and "wants" were and providing us with listings that he felt might be a good match. He also listened to our concerns and gave us honest feedback. When we had narrowed our choices down to 2 homes, he did not push us toward one or the other but gave us great advice that proved to be very helpful in making our choice. Joe knows this area very well, and knows real estate very well, and we always felt that he had only OUR best interest at heart. We ended up with the home of our dreams, and we truly believe that it is because of his expertise and guidance. We really enjoyed working with him and would highly recommend him.


Our realtor at Joe Manausa Real Estate was amazing. Found us a house in a week, were moved in within a month. Very attentive and responsive. Very informative on the process, which eased the stress of the process.


Danielle Roth

My wife got in touch with Alex Nunez by calling about a house that he had listed and he found out we did not have a realtor in Tallahassee. We gave Alex a list of criteria that I'm sure was longer than most and he found us a bunch of houses that fit. We looked at about 16-18 houses and Alex was extremely helpful and patient with us. We even went back to a couple of houses multiple times to help us make up our minds. Once we finally decided on one, his analysis of the current market conditions was fantastic and he talked us through the options we had during the negotiation process. Throughout the entire home buying process, Alex was on top of everything and his communication with us was excellent. We never felt uneasy or kept in the dark about anything. He recommended people and companies to use for inspections and appraisals and he even helped us iron out some kinks with our lender. I can honestly say that he went above and beyond in every way, even to the point of making arrangements for our pets during our signing. Alex never made us feel like we were burdening him, although I'm sure we weren't some of his easier clients to please. He certainly made it his priority to make sure we got what we wanted and we were totally happy with the service he provided.

Karen Card

I am a first-time home buyer who is about to close on a house that I found and bought with the assistance of Joe Manausa's realty firm. I chose them firm because I wanted an inexpensive house, and I didn't want to be pressured to buy above my goal. My agent, Garrett Jacks, was very helpful and accessible. He began by giving us a lot of information about home buying and the market in Tallahassee. He did find additional listings that he thought would work for us. I did not feel any pressure to select any particular house, although we talked about the pros and cons of various houses and how the financing could work to our benefit. He was able to help us make an offer that reflected the market, and when we suggested an alternative to the contract, he was helpful in getting changes made. I feel as though I got a lot of help in finding and buying a house that was beneficial without being coercive. I'm pleased with the process and the result. And the firm's closing specialist is assisting with the closing, so I feel optimistic about that also.

Kaitlin Anderson

We worked with Kevin but, the whole company was great. If we needed anything they all were so willing to provide help. This company knows exactly what they are doing and work really hard to find you your home! We moved from Tampa to Tallahassee not knowing anything about Tallahassee. It was also our first time buying a home. I called Kevin Wednesday night told and he made sure he met us that same night. He showed us a PowerPoint which was very informative, it made us understand the home buying process a lot more. Kevin guided us in the right direction with not just showing us homes but telling us how what we need to do in order to make sure we can get through this process as smoothly and quickly as possible. He showed us every area we wanted to see and we saw probably over 30 houses in less than a weeks time. Kevin is very personable and very informative. We were extremely nervous and a bit stressed at the thought of moving 5 hours away to a new area, getting married, going to Europe for our honeymoon and buying a house all within a month. We looked end of October and are now closing on our new home first week of December. We didn't think that it was even possible to buy a house so fast and be thousands of miles away during most of the process. But, we had Kevin and his teams help to guide us in the right direction and get everything we needed to make this process so smooth. There were things we wanted fixed with the house and Kevin really hustled to make sure we didn't have to worry. I highly recommend Joe Manausa Real Estate. Wonderful team, at no point was anything confusing for us because we had them any time we had a question. Their team is extremely well organized and managed.

Kimberly Hawkes

Eva Armstrong is a fantastic realtor. She immediately responded to my urgent need for a new home and worked tirelessly to help me find the best location. I was impressed not only by her quick action, but by her professionalism and understanding of my family's needs. She made me feel like her first priority and the entire process of buying my home was completely painless. Thank you, Eva!!

Daniel Faulkner

My wife and I just relocated to the Tallahassee area and were completely clueless when it came to who to talk to and where to look. We stumbled upon Manausa Real Estate by a search like many do and we were immediately connect with Garrett Jacks as our buying agent. Garrett, along with his whole team, were extremely helpful and knowledgeable on the real estate market in the area. The team was consistently available to reach out to and to ask questions with. I highly recommend the Joe Manausa realty team, especially my realtor, Garrett Jacks. I will be using this team again when it comes time to sell.

Robert Smith

THANK YOU SOOO much Nikky for all your hard work & diligence. I'm sorry things didn't work out, but I believe ALL things happen for a reason. I'm planning to look at 2 rentals Friday, and I'm good with renting for now. When I'm in a position to purchase I would VERY MUCH like to work through you. Your positive energy and outlook is refreshing. You have been SO much help to me as I make this transition in my life. I wish you the VERY BEST in all that you do, good health, and much happiness. I will contact you when I get settled in somewhere and, hopefully, we will do business down the road. I look forward to the tutorials via your website. Wishing you the best in EVERY THING!!!


I was contacted by a Realtor from Manausa when I signed up to use the web-sight. A friend had recommended the sight to me because it was very accurate, and up to date. I was contacted immediately by a Realtor named Andrea Chapman. Andrea, was very well versed in the process of home buying. Overall I'd say the process went smoothly. It was my first time buying a house (as I was often reminded), but I'd definitely recommend this company to others. If you have a VA loan they know what they are doing, and they were very veteran friendly. Closing went smoothly though it had been delayed a couple of times I feel like they were on top of everything. It also helped because Joe Manausa's brother is the real estate attorney and the closing happens at his law firm. Everything at the firm went smoothly and was explained very clearly. For my first experience buying a home I'd give them an A-They spelled out things very clearly and helped us feel at ease.

Greg and Dianne Davis

We recently purchased a home using Joe Manausa Real Estate. Our realtor was Jasmine McIntyre, she was the best we ever have worked with. Jasmine did an excellant job helping us getting everything completed in a timely manner. We were able to go from offer to clsing in three weeks. Mrs. McIntyre is very professional and customer service focused. We highly recommend Jasmine and Joe Manausa Real Estate if you are looking to purchase a home or if need to close on a home quickly. Thank you Jasmine and Joe Manausa.


They have the best web site and real estate information I have ever seen in the industry. They publish more information on the industry and the Tallahassee market than any other Broker I have known. If you want to be educated on the Tallahassee and Florida Real Estate market, this is the site to look at.

From Google

I suppose buying a home for the first time can be stressful, but we were lucky to have Irena Jaroszynska guide us through it and we ended up in the house we wanted. I first found the Manausa group through the MLS search on the website, and I was unsure of how to even begin the home buying process. After we met with Irena, I looked up her biography and figured who wouldn't want a Master of Physics to work with. We had a short deadline for finding a house, a limited area of interest, and a small budget, but she was able to find us the perfect house. Even through all of our second guessing and almost giving up, Irena worked with us to get through the negotiations and purchasing. Thanks Irena!


All the expertise and guidance that Andrea Chapman provided during the purchase of our new home, from the first viewing to closing, was exceptional! We greatly appreciate all of her efforts. THANKS ANDREA!


These guys were amazing. I worked with Ron and their expertise in negotiating a sale involving a rental house was invaluable. They helped us with an extremely challenging situation and were available 24/7. I do not usually give recommendations, but in this case it was earned and then some.

Melissa Siebenaler

Eva was wonderful to work with during our home purchase. She is dedicates and has passion for what she does. She knows the market and helped us get a great deal on our home. She understood our needs and made our home buying experience easy.


Incredible agency!!! I used Kevin Milligan to help my family relocate to Tallahassee and could not possibly be happier with the extremely high level of service, ability to negotiate, and attention to detail. Unfortunately, we found a house that had a lazy listing agent and I needed to move quickly. Kevin and his team took on the challenge and we closed in less than 3 weeks, including having the seller install a new roof!!! These guys are an A+ organization thatbjustbsinplybget the job done and it's done right! I would HIGHLY recommend using them.


We looked high and low on the east side of Tallahassee to find a home that met our specific needs and price range after looking at a lot of different property's that either did not meet all of our needs or needed a lot of work we were starting to get discouraged. We did not know a lot about the real estate market (just average people looking for an average home in a nice Neighbourhood) that's when we met Kevin with Joe Manausa Real Estate. He actually took the time and sat down with us to find out we wanted and could afford (not the usual need a home well here's one let’s put in an offer!) we talked about our specific wants and needs and he tailored his offerings to match us Not the other way around (refreshing to say the least). The amount of time we spent looking at different properties was some times over whelming but, Kevin helped us by using his knowledge in real Estate market to help steer us to the right property. One thing I can personally say is that I like dealing with a person that is straight to the point and tells it like it is good or bad because that can save you from buying the wrong house or worse a house you can’t afford! Kevin is that person and I would like send out a big Thank you to him! The whole team at Joe Manausa Real Estate are very nice, professional, and easy to talk to and are also able to translate all of the Real Estate lingo into something the average person can understand. That is becoming a rarity now days so Joe Manausa Real Estate Please keep up the great work and thank you very much for Helping me and my wife find our dream home!

dm 773

We had the best experience with Kevin, Lindsey and Cay. They worked well as a team and we found the perfect home. Communication throughout the process was superb and we would not hesitate to recommend Manausa Realty.

John C., Home owner

When I was first looking for a home, I was probably like you. I’d received so many business cards, print ads and recommendations from friends that I felt like I was drowning in a sea of real estate agents. Who do I pick? What if I choose wrong? I only get one shot….Then I met Lindsey and all of my uneasiness was put to rest at that precise moment. Immediately, I was immensely impressed by her tenacity. She made it a total priority that I got the home of my dreams. Her vision and goals were in complete lock-step alignment with my own. She guided me through the whole process and made what would other-wise be a logistical nightmare into a surprisingly pleasant experience. She put me in the house of my choosing for well-under asking price due to her bulldog-like negotiation skills. Many thanks to her and the Joe Manausa Real Estate crew. If this review were any more glowing, it’d be radioactive. I have some newly-wed friends who will be looking for a home soon. You can be sure that I’ll be sending them to Lindsey… and throwing them a life raft in that vast, deep ocean of real estate agents.


I am a first time home buyer; I had a lot of questions. Alex answered all of them thoroughly, some of them more than once. He was professional, always supportive, and informative. He went out of his way to help me meet deadlines and fought the good fight regarding needed repairs when I met resistance from the sellars. He was always patient and calm. He is knowledgable about Real Estate and Tallahassee. I can't say enoough good things about Alex Nunez as my realtor. I am reecommending him to everyone I know and anyone I meet who is in need of a Realtor/Broker.

dunc gram

Alex Nunez was a pleasure to work with. He was adamant about ensuring we understood every step in the process, and were properly prepared at each juncture. He was proactive in his search that led us to the own we bought, and he was patient and knowledgeable with out questions and concerns all along the way.

Jessie J. Sanders

Kevin and the rest of the team at Manausa was wondeful during the whole process -from being very informative on the process up front, to being very patient and perceptive to our desires, to negotiating us a great deal on our home.

We had quite a few road bumps during the process due to our lender/insurance/inspection process that the team managed to pull us through, even after we had long thought we had lost the deal. If it wasn't for Kevin, we'd have long ago given up and would not have our new home!

Thanks so much guys!


Eva was great. She showed us many houses and was very helpful & patient during the process. She was also very helpful in the closings process from beginning to end. It was a pleasure to work with Joe Manausa Real Estate, for it made our home buying process much easier and upfront. Thanks Eva!


My husband & I were extremely pleased with Jason Madsen's performance. We greatly appreciated his flexibility with scheduling and his eagerness to find us the home we were looking for. Jason went above and beyond to meet our needs and even reached out to people in North Carolina to ensure that our home there successfully closed on time. Again, we have nothing but good things to say about Jason Madsen. We will definitely recommend his services to family and friends.


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